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Recently, we’ve been offered the opportunity to participate in a Client Management Course organised by Trevi Group Academy and led by Silvia Pettinicchio Krebs.

Having graduated a Business and Management Diploma with Academies Australasia in 2012, I immediately got on board. Companies often get hung up about their products and services and how great they are in relation to their competition, but they forget that customers want a solution to their particular problem, not just a product or service, and Soilmec’s efforts are focused on that.

The main improvement that can be made to help our ability to solve our customers’ problems, is the staff training.

Richard Branson said that a Company should look after its employees more than anything, because the employees will be the ones looking after its clients. I could not agree more with this statement.

Fortunately, Soilmec has managed to attract and retain quite a great number of valuable people that have been consistently trained and exposed to different situations. Our ability to learn from these situations allowed us to grow enormously and help our clients in their quest of building better, faster and more efficiently, while increasing the safety.

We would like to encourage all Ground Engineering Companies to get in touch with us and benefit from our ability to serve them. We can help our clients’ business grow and prosper while sharing their vision of creating better foundations for our Industry. We would also like to thank to our existing customers for their trust and partnership with us and assure them that Soilmec will continue to provide not only great products, but great customer service as well.

So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, even only for saying ‘hi’. We are always looking forward to making new friends.

Soilmec Australia Team

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